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In March of 2021, Bronto announced that they’re deprecating the platform and migrating all users to Oracle Customer Experience Cloud. This has left many Bronto customers wondering what’s next. While some customers will make the migration because it fits within their email platform requirements, many will take this opportunity to ensure that there is not another platform in the email ecosystem that could fulfill their requirements.

Migrating to another platform can be one of the most laborious efforts a program can undertake and many Bronto customers have been on that platform for years involving many integrations, automation, and processes. It can be scary, but we are here to help.

That’s why three of the leading companies in the space have partnered together to help marketers make the right choice for their program, budget and current or planned innovation. InboxArmy.com, Email-Connect.com and RPEOrigin.com bring together a concise and comprehensive process and tools to help companies of all sizes make the best choice and based on that choice, have the people to make a rapid move.

We’re here to help before the 2022 deadline, just like we’ve helped 1000’s of companies throughout our career.

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Chris Donald, Chris Marriott, John Caldwell & Ryan Phelan

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